Refugees – English

Being pregnant as a refugee who is still in the asylum procedure or who is undocumented, can be quite difficult. The situation is uncertain, you might be very concerned and you do not always have family or friends around you to support you.

We can not arrange money, stuff or a residence permit for you. But we can support you in preparing the arrival of the baby.


Obstetric care

Whether you are in procedure or undocumented, you have the right to midwife care during pregnancy and childbirth. This law applies to everyone and it is important for you and your baby to make use of it. The midwife is there for your health and the baby’s health.


Pregnancy counseling

We can give you extra support during pregnancy and birth. With pregnancy counseling you will have a conversation with one of us (always a woman) once a week during the last three months of your pregnancy. We will talk about giving birth and together, we will do exercises to prepare for childbirth. You will learn ways to coop with the pain of childbirth and how to relax during childbirth. If you have questions or concerns, we listen to you and try to work with you towards a solution.

For us it is important that you feel as comfortable and safe as possible during pregnancy and childbirth. What you want and what you can do yourself, stands first.



We know that refugees who are in procedure or undocumented, have little money. Therefore you don’t need to pay anything for pregnancy counseling.



We also know is that safety is extremely important for refugees. We ask no questions about your background and we never give information to organisations such as the IND or the police.


Where to give birth?

You can give birth at the hospital under certain medical conditions. But many women give birth at home in the Netherlands. If you have a regular health this is just as safe as in the hospital. A home birth is supervised by well-trained midwives who are very experienced. If the midwife has concerns during childbirth, she can still send you to the hospital.

It may be that you are looking for another place to give birth. For example if you

  • do not want to give birth at the hospital or are not allowed to give birth at the hospital
  • do not want to give birth at the AZC
  • have no fixed place to live because you’re undocumented.

Please contact us, because there are possibilities to arrange a comfortable place with personal support.


Water birthing

In the Netherlands – and the world – more and more women are giving birth in water. Giving birth in water ensures that you are more relaxed. Childbirth goes more smoothly, the contractions are less painful and there is less risk of problems. Also for the baby being born in water is better.

For childbirth in water, you need a special bath. You can rent or buy a birth pool. But for refugees this is often too expensive. We can lend you a birth pool for free if you want to give birth in water.



Pregnancy counseling and childbirth assistance is available in Dutch, English and French, or using icons if there is no common language or if the mother is illiterate.


If you have questions, if you want to know more or if you want to subscribe for pregnancy counseling, please complete the form below. Be sure to include a phone number so we can call you. You can also ask your midwife to contact us (waterbevallingvooriedereen @